newSolar field generator

As NDunes is widely used for photovoltaic projects, a solar panel tool is available easing the creation of large solar farms as well as single solar panels. It is available under the Tools menu.

This tool generates a single geometry (see Geometries) containing all the solar panels and adjusted in the current scene landscape.

Solar field tool

The panel is composed of three groups of properties:

The panel properties

The first group of properties allow to change the solar panel itself:

The checkboxes on the right side of the panel allow to enable different types of parameters edition:

Multiple types of panels

The field properties

The Solar Field tool works within a decal area. To get information about how to create a decal area, please see Decals.

The first input field allows to select the Decal area in which the solar panels will be created:

  1. Push the Select button to enable the decal area picking.
  2. Pick a decal area curve in the viewport.
  3. The decal area name is shown in the property.

Selecting a decal area and generating the field

The field default position and orientation are the same as the decal area. The origin panel (panel zero) is placed at the decal area origin and the rows of solar panels follow the +Y direction.

The following properties in the group are:

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Default field position and field parameters

When checked, the Align ground check box aligns the panel rows with the ground. When unchecked, the panels stay horizontal.

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Ground alignment off and on

Generating solar panels

The toolbar at the bottom of the window has two buttons. the first one creates a geometry of a unique solar panel dropped in front of the camera. The second button generates the solar farm field in the selected decal area.

The generated geometry document of the whole solar field is accessible with the Geometry property. It is automatically created and placed in the current scene at the decal area location and follows the terrain height. As long as the tool window is open, pushing the Generate button updates the current geometry.


Closing the window or picking another decal area resets the panel.

All the geometries created with this tool are located in the current working directory under the "Geometries/Solar Fields" folder and its materials are in the "Materials/Solar Fields" folder. They can be moved, renamed, modified or deleted as any other documents.