The scene decals order

The third tab is the decal tabs. It contains a list of all the decals and geometry decals that are in the scene. For more information about decals, see Decals.

The list is ordered : a decal that is on top of another will override any decal document that is below, in case they overlap in the viewport.

By default, when you add a decal document inside the scene, it is placed at the bottom of the list. So if a decal area of this newly added decal document overlaps another decal document, you won't be able to see the decal areas modification. You must open the scene view to the decal tab, and drag & drop the decal document on top of the list.

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.

Switching the decals order

In this list are all the decals and decals in geometries of the scene. The waterbodies & cities ground maps will not appear in the list, and will continue to override any decal effect regardless of their position in this list.