Saving an archive of the scene

A scene and all its documents, resource files and data can be exported and reloaded as an external .zip file.

Export scene / Import scene menu buttons

When clicking on the Archive Current Scene button, the current scene and all its content is saved. Clicking the Import Scene Archive button opens a file dialog window allowing to select a .zip file.

This tool is very handy to:


The default scene can not be archived directly and must be cloned before.

When importing a scene archive, some files contained in the archive may already be present in your working directory. If such a case is detected, NDunes will open a panel to ask for canceling, overwriting or copying.

Panel showing file issues at import

The panel shows two columns (Import and Overwrite):

Clicking the cancel button at the bottom of the view cancels the whole import.


If a document is imported next to the same document that was already here, a conflict may be detected and the Conflict panel will be raised to select which one to keep.


What happen when a conflict between documents is detected?

After a scene import, a download from the store or a file copy, it may happen that the same document is duplicated in several places of the working directory.

NDunes will automatically detect the conflict and open a dedicated panel.

Conflicts panel

This panel asks which file should be kept and which files should be deleted in order to always have one file per document.