Display modes

The display mode dropdown list is accessible from the top part of the user interface as illustrated below:

This list of entries has two parts:

  1. The first part is global: these are graphic components of what's being displayed on screen, so we can access the diffusion color, the reflectance, AO or visualize normals of the scene in front of us. We can also separate contributions of the sun & sky to isolate each and visualiza their relative importances. These modes apply to all displayed entities.
  2. The second part is related to the terrain building in the current scene (so Terrains or Atlases with terrains and Landmasses). We can visualize the outputs produced by the terrain hierarchical assembly (see Overview of the terrain architecture for details). Using these modes is a must have when building terrains.

An example below of the display of normals and a view of the grass density layer of a a terrain: