Global Illumination

The Global Illumination (GI) in a scene greatly enhances its visual quality. The GI is an extra lighting calculation that mimics complex lighting interactions in a scene. As a result the scene visuals are a lot enhanced due to the fact that light bounces are simulated by the algorithm, and therefore, for instance, a colored wall will bleed onto other surfaces when illuminated by the sun. Dark shadowed places will exhibit subtle tints that result of these lighting calculations.

Below is an example of scene with GI / scene with no GI results:

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.

GI increases the level of realism and makes geometries that participate to the scene feel "integrated" into the scenery.

Some key informations on GI:

Now to calculate GI, just click the first button in the toolbar at the bottom of the view of the scene:

Then, once done, the GI can be removed and reloaded using the other toobar buttons. Note that the GI must be saved (through the save cache context menu for instance) before it can be reloaded.

The GI calculation parameters are very simple:

Then, the effect and strength of the GI can be modulated by the two tab parameters (without requiring any recalculation). These are: