Exporting the current scene

See there:

Click onto File / Export landscape and then select the name of the file to export.

Export steps

There are several steps to get through the export process:

Some of these steps may take some time depending on the amount of data being processed. Specifically, exporting millions of plants will take a lot of time. Note that you may be prompted to answer to that question when exporting:

If a plant (called 'F_Grass_1' in our example) has no "mesh fade distance" that is greater than 0 meters, this means that the plant's source mesh geometry is not used for the rendering. For the export to work with that plant, the plant should have a mesh being used. This is done by simply increasing the mesh fade distance of the plant. This can be modified here in the plant's parameters: Transitioning from plants meshes to prisms.

Exported files

For a file named 'export_test':

Exported plants and clouds

Plants and Clouds are instanced in output files.

In the case of a .FBX file export, plant meshes with Phong materials are instanced. All supported maps are exported (diffuse, reflectance, normal, transmission). Translucency, back diffuse are not supported by the FBX format.

In the case of a .FBX export, clouds are just exported as boxes with the source clouds names, since clouds are not meshes and are volumetric .VDB files.

The export of plants takes time, as NDunes displays a lot of instances of them. Each category of plant requires a minimal mesh subdivision of the terrain to be generated and thus exported. This is for the accuracy of the seeding of plants. For instance a grass layer of plants with patches that are 20 x 20 centimeters will not be generated if the landscape mesh triangle size used is 10 meters. We won't have enough accuracy to properly scatter all plants over the landscape. The list of plants that'll be actually exported can be viewed simply by turning on the visualization of the export area.

Clouds may require some specific export setup (at least a different export area from the landscape and plants) since clouds are generally visible up to several hundreds of kilometers.