Setting up the water rendering

When creating a waterbody, a default water rendering effect is applied to the water surface, making it a smooth, transparent, reflective surface. However, if you want to customize the rendering of your water and add more effects, you can do so by applying a water material.

If you already have some water materials, you can click on the "Material" field and select one from the list (only the material documents of type "Water" will show in this list). You can also directly drag and drop any water material onto your water surface in the viewport.

To create and setup your own water materials, please refer to Materials. It's in the water material itself that you will be able to define the water tint, the bump effect, the reflection and refraction factors...

The "Reflection mode" parameter will have an impact on the reflections on your water surface. NDunes' water rendering technology is based on true planar reflection pipeline, which gives precise results without ghosting, but can be costly in terms of FPS.

The parameter "Texture texel size" lets you adjust the size of a pixel of the material textures onto your waterbody surface, to avoid flickering.