Grid tool

The purpose of the grid tool is to have precise placement guidelines in the scene.

Default grid

The default grid is a square grid with spacing of 10 meters between 2 small grid lines, against both X and Y axis. It is placed at the center of the scene. A thicker grid line appears every 10 small grid lines for readability purposes.


The red half-axis is the positive X axis. The green half-axis is the positive Y axis.

Grid toolbar

To display the grid toolbar, right click anywhere on the toolbar and make sure that the "Grid toolbar" is checked in blue.

The grid toolbar is composed of 4 buttons :

Grid key shortcuts from Options.

The Hide/Show, Relocate and Reset actions are linked to keyboard shortcuts. To learn more about key shortcuts, please see Options.

Grid settings

You can customize the grid to your needs by changing its opacity, spacing and orientation.


The grid is always square. The grid size depends on the grid spacing : it's size is determined by multiplying the smallest of the two spacings (X and Y) by 100. So for example, a grid with spacing X 1m and spacing Y 20m will be a square of size 100m.

Grid placement

The grid is mostly used to make placement more precise. It must be used with the selection toolbar, please see Using the selection toolbar for more info on snapping, coordinate systemes and gizmos.