Using the camera toolbar

The camera toolbar is located on the top side of the main view by default. This toolbar has a dedicated explanation book here: Controlling the camera.

The camera toolbar and gizmo

The camera toolbar has three main purposes:

  1. Expose different navigation modes (first combo): Examine, Orbit, Fly or Top-down modes are accessible there.
  2. Define key viewpoints that are stored in the current scene.
  3. Open the camera view to show and edit some camera properties like viewing distances and field of view.

The camera view displays an animation tab where a camera track can be set to animate the camera position and orientation (see Animating the camera along a curve path).

Cameras are created in the scope of the current scene and will get stored with it. They can be recalled by double clicking the camera from the scene contents, or from the camera toolbar directly, after choosing the camera from the dropdown list.

By pressing the right side icon of the camera toolbar we can open the camera view to see some informations: like near and far distances and camera speed.

The camera view

You can also set some properties:

For more details about cameras and animation, please read Controlling the camera.