A quick introduction to biomes

By biomes, from an English dictionary, we refer to "a large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat". The definition in NDunes is about flora. It's a group of species chosen by the user that will be scattered over a given landscape using a given set of spreading rules. By biomes, one think to a forest or to a tundra, or desert. In fact, it can be any set of Plants species that are set to be co-existing in a given area. Below are a few examples of biomes rendered with NDunes: a forest, a desert, a savannah:

Noticeably, the living conditions of plants influence the definition of biomes, as illustrated below (source: wikipedia, license Creative Commons):

Temperature and rainfall play a major role in the growth of vegetation. Somehow we will see that this will be also part of NDunes' vegetation scattering rules.