Downloading store packages

Go to and look for the login button:

Connect. Please also connect inside the NDunes software:

Please note that you must be authentified on the NDunes store to be allowed to download data and you must also be authentified inside NDunes to be allowed to use the downloaded data.

Once logins are valid, please navigate to the store categories:

Go to the "Packs" section of the store and descend down to the "European Village Stylesheet":

Click on the "download" button. You'll be prompted to allow the browser to launch NDunes. Please do so. This will start NDunes with the download specification:

Once all files are downloaded, available store assets will appear in light blue in the views:

Individual assets also mention that they're store assets. See below:

Store assets can't be edited. They can duplicated into non store assets (and will still point to store owned data) and then can be modified.