External Data

References : Input data

When creating a project in NDunes, it is usually necessary to use external data to input in NDunes. This data will help generate and edit the scene to resemble as close as possible to reality.

A good starting point is to organize the files that we will be using, thankfully NDunes uses a pretty clear folder architecture that we can use.

The external data that we will need can be separated in 3 groups :

NDunes data

First we will start with the data that is produced by NDunes, this data is available in the Store and contains different assets made by 3D artists working for NDunes. In this example we will be using the stylesheet that you will find here.

Clicking on Download will launch NDunes and the assets will be downloaded there automatically. You will then be able to find the Stylesheet and all the other assets in the different Document tree views in NDunes.


These files are located in a separate working directory called Store that is accessible from anywhere NDunes working directory.

Project data

Project data refers to all the project specific information such as :

Public data

Public data is data that is publically available on different sources, usually what will be needed is :