Viewport Picking

Activating the color picker

The picking tool is accessible from the main toolbar or by hitting the 'P' shortcut key (can be modified in the options panel Options ).

Viewport picking tool

The picking tools allows to pick a pixel in the viewport. All the pixel data will then be displayed in the picking window.


The picking window is raised automatically when the picking is enabled.

The picking window - picking done on the door of the house

Many data are available:


The documents can be opened by double clicking their names in the window.

Picking clouds or plants in biomes

Clouds in a clouds cover can be picked and the name of the picked cloud in the cover will be displayed. The same goes for plants in biomes.


The picking performed for these tasks is based on boxes (that are not directly visible) that enclose prisms or meshes being shown. Therefore the picking operation can be inaccurate due to the overlap of such boxes (for instance if we have overlapping clouds or plants) or made difficult by the fact that these boxes are not visible.