Global scene parameters

The global scene parameters enable you to customize the way your scene is going to be generated globally (meaning these parameters apply to NDunes documents regardless of what OSM class they might be in initially).

The scene parameters are initialized by the Blueprint template. If you change your blueprint template, all your global scene parameters will be resetted to the stylesheet's values. So make sure you setup your blueprint document in the correct order : first input data, then customization.

Scene parameters

Terrain parameters

1) You're generating the elevation using ASC files : the primary soil of the terrain document will be replaced by the generated ASC primary soil. All secondary soils in this "Terrain Style" will be applied on top of your generated elevation. The terrain document must be setup with secondary soils using the slopes and not the masks, because the generated ASC primary soil will not have masks setup. Ready-to-use terrain styles are downloadable from our store.

2) You're not using ASC files : this terrain style will be used "as is", as an artistic terrain, keeping its primary soil elevation. Artistic terrain can also be downloaded from our store.

Vegetation parameters

Fields generation

In OSM, farmland areas can often be defined as one single huge area, even though several separate fields actually compose this area in reality. The following two parameters enable you to automatically generate realistic fields in land use areas of type "farmland" or "farmyard", by subdividing the OSM area into smaller areas with straight contours.

Networks parameters

City parameters

If you chose to generate gardens using the cadastre file, you will specify a Garden Biome and a Fence Template for some of your buildings, see Customization of classes. The following two parameters let you decide how many hedges and fences you want to generate overall.