Using the selection toolbar

The selection toolbar is by default on the top right side of the main user interface. It allows you to select elements present in a scene and to manipulate them. Elements can be selected by their type: geometries (or plants), lights or materials. Below is an example of a plant selection:

On double clicking the selected item in the main view, the corresponding document will be opened. This mimics the double click behavior that can be triggered from any document tree view.

There are two visual feedbacks of the current selection:

  1. It's highlighted in light blue in the current scene contents.
  2. Contours of the selection are highlighted in orange in the main view.

Note that selection has to be enabled by pressing one of the selection actions of the toolbar. By default, selection is disabled.

Due to the nature of the scattering system in NDunes, some elements can be selected and some others can't: