In NDunes, materials are used to modify geometries (see Geometries) and plants (see Plants) appearance. As shown in the material panel, multiple material types can be selected:

The realistic material : the default material type. The PBR metallic material : a PBR material exposing the standard PBR inputs. Emissive material : an special emissive material used for light emissive surfaces.

The realistic material panel

Each material panel contains a set of input channels organized as clickable tiles showing their parameters.

Material channels properties

For each of these channels, it is possible to set either a color or an external texture file. If a texture is set, it is fully customizable using the graph editor accessible with the right button of the panel (see Graph editor).

Several properties are available to place the texture on the geometry:

The chain lock button allows to set the properties of all channels at the same time.


For the textures to work, the geometry needs to have a valid texture coordinates channel.