Getting started

What is NDunes?

NDunes is an assembly and edition software made to create virtual worlds, from small pieces of terrains up to entire planets. NDunes will author, gather various resources, assemble them together using artistic driven procedural tools to deliver a stunning visual, 3D, real-time, experience. NDunes will save your time and allow you to reach an unprecedented level of complexity in a few clicks that would take too much time to develop otherwise.

With NDunes, you'll be able to define unlimited terrains at a one millimeter detail. You'll be able to see your terrains from extreme closeups... orbital altitudes. In real-time, with no transitions. You'll be able to design full continents and planets gathering many terrains.

You'll add then biomes, define the natural conditions of your landscape over which vegetation will grow. Still in real-time.

You'll add human influence to your design, design fields, roads, make a full scenery, always with an unlimited sight distance, regardless of whether you're close to the ground or far from it.

And you'll also setup and prepare your architectural models for an integrated, in context, rendering of a complete scene, still in real-time thanks to the advanced real-time rendering techniques integrated by NDunes.

All this using a full blown modern editor designed to reduce the time needed to define complex and large scenes.

Scenes and worlds created by NDunes can then easily be exported to other softwares for instance using FBX files that'll contain everything defined and proxies to reduce the sizes of the exported data. Below an example of a NDunes landscape exported to Autodesk 3dsMax(r), keeping the original accuracy of the landscape defined in NDunes.