Geometry groups

Sometimes, a bunch of geometries are closed to each others on the terrain. Computing GI and AO for individual units doesn't take into account the surrounding others. To overcome this drawback, NDunes introduces geometry groups. A geometry group is a special object in the scene holding several geometry instances and providing a unique GI and AO cache for them.


When a geometry is contained in a group, its own GI and AO are deactivated. Its GI and AO panel is disabled.

To Create a new geometry group, click on the button in the scenes toolbar.

Creating a geometry group

Then drop the geometry instances of the scene in the group item. By double clicking on the group, you can see the GI / AO panel of the group. For a description of the panel, please see Adding global illumination.

Drag and drop geometries in the group and open

After setting the desired properties in the panel, a button in the lower toolbar allows to compute the GI and AO cache for the whole group of geometries.