Creating biome areas

A biome area in a soil is again a masking region. However, this is a 1 bit (black or white only) region, which is defined using a dedicated image for it. All 8 possible biomes areas are internally concatenated together into a 8 bit image, so that the memory used to store them is not too high. A biome area is defined as any other soil channel:

Biome areas have an extra button on the right, which is allowing them to be named. This is illustrated below:

We'll create a scene with different plant species, each being assigned to a specific biome area. We'll use one area for a wheat plant, one other for a sunflower and a last one for a corn model. Note that biome areas names must not contain any blank in them. They must be single-worded so that we can define strings containing several of them. Let's assume we have defined Biomes and a biome that contain all needed Plants, we'll end up with that scene:

And in close-up, we can see the area definition job done by our areas:

Several remarks on this mechanism: by no way this modifies the density of plants displayed. It just acts as a filter on the candidate plants that can appear at a given place. To find out the vegetation coverage at a given location, the system will look for all candidate plants that can appear at that location. Then, it'll pickup one of them, among the available candidates. So we can see that this is a candidate selection filter, and not something else meant to change the density of the plants at the specified location.